Download the latest version of the plugin using the button below, install it on your wordpress website and activate it.


Set Up

The first thing you will need in order to use the plugin is your Firehawk CRM team ID. You can find this by logging into Firehawk CRM and navigating to your team settings. In the URL bar in your browser you will find your team ID on the end, Your team ID is everything after team/. it should look something like this: Now that you have your team ID, You can use this in the back-end of your website to activate the plugin. In the back-end of your website you will now see a new menu item on the side called “FH Tributes.” Navigate to the “FH Tributes” menu and enter your team ID in the provided field and save changes.

Add the default display image, date formats and select the tribute details page.

To display the grid of tributes add the shortcode [show_crm_tributes_grid] to your ‘tributes’ page.

Create a separate individual ‘tribute’ page and add the shortcode [show_crm_tribute layout="compact"] to display the tribute details.

NOTE Remove the ‘2’ in both short code snippets above.

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